We have put together this collection of soothing, uplifting videos which we hope will help you to relax, manage your symptoms and cope well. If you are having intense agitation, burning, itching, tinnitus and other intrusive symptoms it may be difficult to stay focused. Still, just listening to some of these will help.

Very relaxing and grounding mindfulness meditation video from Recovery Road:

Excellent positive self-talk for recovery video:

This video has a simple, soothing relaxation exercise:

 If you are having panic attacks, see if this will help. She speaks for a while before beginning but her words are comforting:

Here is beautiful song which will remind you to be gentle with yourself, pace yourself and look after yourself well during withdrawal:

This is an excellent sample of Glenn Harrold’s relaxation CD which is recommended in the ‘Recovery and Renewal’ book. However, if you are having visual hypersensitivity we recommend that you listen only and not look at the images as they are stimulating: